Blackjack Hand “Secret Handshakes”

Blackjack Hand “Secret Handshakes”

You may signal your choices to the dealership with either hand activities alone, or by using hand motions in combination with verbal directions.
There are three hand activities you can make to indicate to the supplier whether or not you need a card or if you have broken: Scratch, Put, and also Flip.


The method made use of to inform the dealership that you would certainly like another card entails making a couple of brief damaging motions with your fingertips on the table surface area. You may at the same time say, “Hit me,” however, in the majority of casino sites the supplier can not deal a card on a verbal command alone.

If you want to continue being hit, repeat the damaging procedure. Each time you make this activity, the supplier will certainly give you another card.


Moving your cards under your wager (chips) is called the “tuck” and also suggests your hand is full. When you are satisfied with your hand as well as don’t want any type of additional cards, it’s time to tuck. Additionally, you may additionally wave one hand horizontally, a couple of inches over the table, over your cards. View the other gamers to be sure you are carrying out these signals properly.


If the total of your cards goes beyond 21, your hand is a bust. Go ahead and also turn your cards over to make sure that they are dealing with up on the table. The supplier will certainly eliminate your bet as well as your cards from the table.


Winning hands will receive a payout. If your Blackjack Hand amounts to 21, and also you haven’t “pressed” with the dealer (implying the dealer doesn’t likewise have a 21), the payout is 3:2. So a $10 bet returns $15. All various other winning hands payment even money, winning $10 on your initial $10 bet. If your hand equates to the same overall as the dealer’s it is taken into consideration a press and also your bet stays on the table. Wagers that remain on the table can either be gotten rid of or left on the table to be wagered on the following hand.